Three Ways to Learn


Weekend Seminars

Host a weekend Seminar at Your Church!

Dive into Jewish culture, history and language in a weekend. Bring new depth and richness to your congregation’s reading of the scriptures in a short-term seminar hosted by Jewish Scholar and Adventist Pastor, Sasha Bolotnikov.HBI seminars are designed to help your church learn more about the Jewish roots of the Bible, the Jewish people and their beliefs, and how to effectively share your faith with a Jewish person.

During the weekend seminars, we explore Jewish culture and history, and we discuss key issues between Judaism and Christianity. The seminars will bring new depth and richness to your congregation’s study of the Old and New Testament, including the Jewish roots of our Messiah and His teachings in the gospels. A full list of seminar topics can be found here.

Ambassador Program

Our long term program to help your church thrive

Antisemitism and anti-Judaism continues to permeate our culture, and Christianity is not immune to its destructive effects. Many non-Jews are unaware of how deeply the pain of antisemitism affects Jewish people, and how it influences their views on Christianity. It can be challenging for Christians to share the gospel with Jews when Christianity often has such a painful history. The aim of our Ambassador Program is to offer insight to Christians who cannot connect personally with this pain, but who want to share their faith with Jewish individuals.

The program offers an evangelistic approach that is tailored to the needs of the Jewish community and sensitive to the pain caused by antisemitism. It is a long-term training and mentorship program, designed to equip Christians to reach out to members of their local Jewish community and develop friendships that can provide opportunities for informal, one-on-one evangelism.

Evangelistic Series

This is not Bible 101

If your church is located in an area with a large Jewish population, then this type of event might be of interest to your congregation. Many Jews silently wonder if Jesus is really the Messiah, and they are open to learning more about Him. These events, which take place over multiple days, are designed to help you connect with Jewish people in your community who attend the interactive, scholarly, Bible-based teaching sessions.

Each presentation is rooted in the Old Testament and is based on Jewish history, making it easier for Jewish people who don’t have much experience with Christianity to understand New Testament concepts. In addition, the presentations can help church attendees dive deeper into the Hebrew roots of the Bible and Christian doctrines. Christians who attend the lectures will dig below the surface of what they already know to explore more fully how the Bible supports their faith.

Sasha Bolotnikov / Your Guide into Bible History

I’ve been a pastor and Bible scholar for 20+ years, and during this time I have noticed something. Many Christians feel like they’re missing something powerful and meaningful as they read their Bible. They want a deeper understanding of Jewish history and culture so they can experience all God has for them in their scripture reading and their faith.

That’s why we started the Hebrew Bible Institute. Built by Jewish Christians for Non-Jewish Christians, our programs are an accessible way to re-discover your Bible, learn its Jewish roots, and grow in your faith. We would love to help your church experience a deeper journey in Scripture.

Sasha Bolotnikov